The Chinese ABCs are not as easy as one, two, three

It is time for a progress report, and since I am long-winded, I will restrict this post to discussing my Hanzi learning journey.

In the lead-up to writing this blog, I scoured Chinese-Forums for a couple of weeks in my spare time trying to pick up the best advice and wisdom it had to offer. In one memorable thread, kongli declared he would attempt to learn 1500 words in a mere 30 days (that’s 50 words as day for those of you who aren’t mathemagicians). It was a fun thread. He admitted what he was doing was the linguistic equivalent of The Great Leap Forward to which BertR agreed, writing: “Learning 1500 words in 30 days won’t be your biggest challenge. That will be not to forget 1300 words in 90 days…” Continue reading