• The Chairman’s Bao: news articles in simplified and traditional characters sorted by HSK level. Spoken dialogue, wordlists, and grammatical explanations also provided.
  • new app that is similar to Chairman’s Bao but on iphone. All texts are read by native speakers, so good for listening as well.
  • similar to Chairman’s Bao and Du Chinese.


  • Chinesepod: the one that started the language podcast explosion over 10 years ago. Thousands of lesson, transcripts, etc. but behind a paywall.
  • Easy Mandarin. Simple questions to native speakers on the streets of Taiwan.
  • – youtube videos in Chinese with transcripts and English translations. Like fluentu, but free.
  • subs2srs Chinese pre-made anki decks
  • subs2srs tutorial: An excellent tutorial made by Britt vs Japan.
  • download subtitles from a variety of platforms (youtube, viki, etc.). These subs can then be used to make flashcards in subs2srs!
  • download videos and subs for many different sites.
  • Graded Watching: You’ve heard of graded readers. What about gradedTV shows? A very promising site that I need to investigate further.
  • Mandarin Corner: Youtube channel and website. Intermediate dialogues at a native pace with native speakers. Too bad it doesn’t have downloadable soft subtitles or making anki cards with SUBS2SRS would be easier.
  • – collects videos on youtube, posts transcripts, etc.



Textbook Resources

Characters and Writing

Wordlists and Analysis




Just for Me

  • how to purchase books, which ones are good, etc. from the perspective of teaching a child Chinese. Very useful.
  • – A collection of Roald Dahl books in traditional Chinese. I wish I could find these as ebooks…
  • – good site for Taiwan ebooks in Traditional Chinese.
  • After DeFrancis:
  • Ordering books


  • Slow Chinese: a podcast that includes long transcripts of its dialogues. Most are extended monologues or stories.